Me And My Shadows

by Chris Colverson


I am falling-over grateful, as always, to my darling husband Ron, who has constructed this website, and to my long-time friend Chris King, my word-checking person. (I believe it is common, at this point, for authors to add, “All errors are mine.”) Many thanks are also due to my ever-patient family and other friends, who have put up with me while I have been doing all this and, quite often, contributed by buying me gifts that have been used in the writing; and to our neighbours, who have now heard Apache played about 1500 times...

I should also like to say a big thank-you to Malcolm Campbell, who has given me a signed copy of his amazing A Pocket Guide to Shadow Music, to the dear soul who actually made the CD of Alan Freeman on Pick of the Pops 31/1/63 and to Leo’s Den, provider of so many Cliff, The Shadows and Jet & Tony CDs and books. Mighty thanks also to What would I do without you? And a big shout out, please, for Sir Cliff for his wonderful YouTube channel: which has provided me with some top quality videos!

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